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The Online Meeting Cooperative

The Online Meeting Cooperative

We provide online meeting and conferencing tools, powered by renewable energy, running on cooperatively owned infrastructure.

Together with our members, we are building the commons economy.

Join meet.coop to:


Enjoy premium video conferencing

Enjoy surveillance free video conferencing which does not exploit your data                                                         


Own your own online meeting space

Own your own private meeting space and have your say in how the co-op operates  


Help build the commons economy

Your membership helps develop the commons economy and the power of open source tools

All the features you need…


Breakout rooms


Multi-user whiteboard


Custom polling


Screen sharing

Pricing plans

For individuals

Level 1

£ 9
per month
  • Maximum of 10 meeting participants

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For small groups

Level 2

£ 18
per month
  • Maximum of 20 meeting participants

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For larger groups

Level 3

£ 40
per month
  • Maximum of 50 meeting participants

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For organisations


£ 90
per month
  • Unlimited accounts, max 100 meeting participants (min 3 months)
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Online events service

meet.coop is experienced at managing and hosting large events up to 200 people. Our dedicated event servers can be hired for all types of online events.

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Dedicated custom servers

For larger organisations we provide dedicated custom servers starting at £250/month + a £250 setup fee for contracts under 3 months.

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"Corporate technology platforms that profit from our data are not only morally bankrupt, but ultimately they will not produce the technology we need. Meet.coop is better. That's not because they don't surveil us; it's not just because their technology is based on free software or because they are a group of great individuals and organizations, although all of that is 100% true. Meet.coop is better because it's designed better. It's cooperatively and democratically owned and operated - which is our best strategy for developing the technology the world really needs."

Jamie McClelland
May First Movement Technology

"As a progressive high school teacher and social activist, I have frequent occasions to need an online place to meet. I was looking for one that aligned with my values concerning equity and economicdemocracy. I found just what I was looking for in Meet.coop."

Jeffrey Elkner
Nova Web Development

"At Sanford housing co-op we have monthly meetings often involving more than 20 residents, and we started to run them virtually using Meet.coop for convenience and safety during the health crisis. The platform ticked all the boxes important to us in terms of ethics, environment and scaled performance. Members got used to the tool rapidly, and we are now using it successfully to run multi-purpose meetings virtually or in hybrid form."

Sanford Housing Coop