Frequently Asked Questions

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Prices are quoted in GBP, but will be charged in your local currency. Please refer to our terms for information about billing and fair use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, no problem, please visit the payments section on Open Collective for the full instructions.

Please visit the payments section on Open Collective for the full instructions.

You will be charged when you first contribute, and then on the 1st of each month (for monthly contributions) or the 1st of the same month next year (for yearly contributions). Note: To prevent you from being charged twice in a short time frame, if you contribute after the 15th of a given month, the next charge will not be the 1st of next month but the month after.

Yes. Our demo server is currently offline while we give it some much needed TLC, but in the meantime send an email to to let us know that you'd like to try out the service, we'll be pleased to set up a meeting room for you.

Yes - if you sign up and pay in advance we can offer the following discounts:

1 year paid upfront = 10% off
2 years paid upfront = 15% off
3 years paid upfront = 20% off

Please get in touch with us to arrange your discount.

Refunds on Open Collective are administered via our fiscal host (Platform 6). If you feel you deserve a refund please email us explaining why and how much you would like refunded. We will not provide refunds for services which have been delivered in accordance with the Service Levels outlined on our website but will of course work with you to try and resolve any problems or discrepancies.

Yes. is dedicated to supporting the transition to a zero carbon economy. We want all our servers to be powered by renewables and are working to transition away from any services which are not. At present we use the following servers:

Koumbit - for production servers - powered by hydro
Hetzner - for European production servers - powered by renewables
WebArchitects - for our website, forum and virtual office tools - powered by Good Energy

We understand there are many complex issues to take into consideration when assessing environmental impacts, from the greater efficiency and reduced heat loss from newer, more efficient data centres - through to the social impacts of displacement associated with hydro power. Our aim is to operate our services with the minimum environmental impact and we will continue to review our procurement choices accordingly.

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