About meet.coop

meet.coop is a meeting and conferencing platform powered by BigBlueButton, stewarded by a global coalition of co-operatives.

Meet.coop members

About the coop

meet.coop is a multi-stakeholder cooperative with two types of Members:

Our Operational Members work in specific roles within three sociocratic circles, to deliver reliable video conferencing services to our User Members.

Operational Members

Barefoot Documents

For 35 years, Barefoot Documents has been a tag for the civil-society work of Mike Hales. Mike is a coop-commons organiser in the sphere of digital infrastructure, mobilised in making a Living Economy and building activist formations that have the capability to skilfully do that. This began within the London Industrial Strategy at the Greater London Council, in the 80s. He is a ‘retired’ anthropologist, designer and labour-process developer: a culture hacker in the worlds of code hackers.

Simply Secure

Simply Secure are an international team with expertise in research, design, software development, and product management. They help practitioners design technology that centers and protects vulnerable populations. They provide capacity-building, research, and community for designers, researchers, and developers.

Simply Secure


ColloCall provides BigBlueButton managed hosting and additional services in Germany. They are a joint-venture consisting of the two German tech-coops datenkollektiv.net GbR 1 and UNI:CODE IT Solutions GmbH.


The Open Co-op

The Open Co-op was founded in 2004 with the purpose of “building a world-wide community of individuals and organisations committed to the creation of a collaborative, sustainable economy”. We organise conferences and run projects to help create decentralised collaboration at scale.


Melissa McNab

Melissa McNab is a Freelance Illustrator and Designer, Co-owner of Code-Operative Ltd; a non-profit service co-operative founded in 2018 to provide freelancers a better solution. She worked on projects such as designing the UX/UI for Acorn the Union Emergency Response App, Twine Volunteering Management App and a 3D world for the Greenham Common Womens Peace Camp 40th Anniversary.



Hypha is a worker co-operative based in Toronto who helps organizations and communities redesign their relationships with digital technology. Their team of technologists, designers, and community organizers provide digital strategy and coaching, research, web and mobile design and development, and infrastructure deployment services.


The Free Knowledge Institute

The Free Knowledge Institute (FKI) is a non-profit organisation that fosters equal access to tools for production and exchange of knowledge in all areas of society. Inspired by the Free Software movement, the FKI promotes freedom of use, modification, copying and distribution of knowledge in several different but closely related fields. Accordingly, it promotes the commons economy. The FKI was established as a foundation in 2007 in Amsterdam and works as a distributed team between Rome, Barcelona and Amsterdam.



femProcomuns is a non-profit and social initiative, worker and consumer multi-stakeholder cooperative, created in Catalonia in 2017, with the aim of consolidating a commons ecosystem, based on the principles of open cooperativism, community self-management, human, ecological, economic sustainability, shared knowledge and replicability.



Autonomic is a worker-owned cooperative, dedicated to using technology to empower people making a positive difference in the world. Since 2017, we’ve been making websites, hosting tools and developing bespoke apps for organisations in a range of sectors including renewable energy, charities and labour unions.​


Our Values

meet.coop is guided by the seven cooperative principles


1. Voluntary and Open Membership

We encourage organisations from the Commons and Social and Solidarity Economy to join as members to make use of the shared resource.


2. Democratic Member Control

Members have equal rights in the governance: one member equals one vote. Information about the project is shared transparently between members.


3. Member Economic Participation

Members are expected to contribute to the collective costs of running the project.


4. Autonomy and Independence

Initially the online meeting cooperative is an informal organisation formed by the member coops that have started the project. Built on mutual trust and intercooperation agreements, the project seeks to be a self-managed, autonomous organisation. Domains, assets and other shared resources will be transferred to a future independent legal entity, once the member organisations decide to create this.


5. Education, Training, and Information

A key objective of the project is to share knowledge and experience about running the shared services and facilitate its replication, though internal training, documentation, deployment scripts and a culture of sharing knowledge and software under free licenses with collaborative methodologies.


6. Cooperation among Cooperatives

The project was started by three cooperative, Collective.tools, femProcomuns and Webarchitects and other cooperative actors who seek to strengthen cooperation among themselves to enrich and strengthen the Social and Solidarity Economy.


7. Concern for Community

A driving force for this project is our care for privacy and Free Software, to allow people and organisations to have quality online meetings with ethical tools. The project has at its centre the community resource of online meeting services that are shared as a commons between its members. The generated software scripts and knowledge are shared as Free Software and under free licenses, following collaborative methodologies that facilitate replication and a decentralised architecture.

Get involved

Anyone can join meet.coop as an individual or as an organization. Sign up as a User Member or find out more about becoming an Operational Member below.

Operational Membership

  • Operational Membership is open to Commons and Social and Solidarity Economy organisation who want to help develop and run meet.coop who commit to contributing an annual membership in the form of time and/or money valued at €1,000, equivalent resources, or 40 hours of voluntary labour in work areas defined by the Co-operative. After start up, membership contributions for the second year are expected to be lower.
  • In turn, you may participate in the Co-operative’s Circles and are eligible to apply for waged roles defined by the Co-operative. You may also resell our BigBlueButton server capacity via a set of Greenlight containers, under your administration, that correspond to the Service Levels defined by the Co-operative.
  • To maintain active membership, you must be a contributor to at least one Circle and participate in at least 50% of our All Hands Meetings. If you are reselling meet.coop services, you commit to pay a portion of your resale revenue, set by the Co-operative, to the Co-operative for covering its operation costs. You must also maintain a reasonable level of service to the User Members using meet.coop services through your Greenlight containers, and provide best-effort oversight in compliance with the Co-operative’s Fair Use Agreement.
  • All active Operational Members are entitled to a Greenlight account.

Operational Members will need to be approved by the existing members, find out more about the application process in the Operational Membership Policy and contact us via contact@meet.coop to apply to become an Operational Member.

All memberships come with rights to participate in the Co-operative’s decision-making processes that correspond to the membership type and level of participation.